Sunday, September 4, 2011

The first 56

So I am totally delinquent in posting this ride, but better late than never, right?

Last Sunday, August 28, I embarked on my first (of many!) 56 mile bike ride on my new bike. This Spring I bought a Trek 7.2 Speed Concept Tri bike. Pretty sweet ride and all in preparation for the half IronMan (HIM) I planned to do next year. Unfortunately, with unplanned surgery, (yes, AGAIN this year...gallbladder & appendix) run training and planning the Milwaukee Free to Breathe event I hadn't much time on my new wheels. VERY glad I signed up for this ride, though!

It was the Cream City Cycling Club's annual Century (100 mi) ride. Well, yes, there was a 100 mile ride, but there were other options, too. A co-worker, Cindy, and I decided on the 56 mile route. We kind of wanted to do the 68 miler, but I dragged us down to the 56 miler since I knew I had to do a 10-11 mile half marathon training run the day before this ride.

The day started off a little chilly, but once we hit the sunshine, it was beautiful! We wound up meeting up with my friend Chris and her friend Jim. We all rode the route together and it was a blast! There were a few killer hills on this route, but they were NOTHING compared to what we would have had to endure had we chosen the 68 mile route! (I'm seriously considering the 68 route next year) It wasn't a continuous 56 mile ride, as we HAD to stop at the rest stops provided! They had the best food! Great ham and cheese sandwiches, homemade cookies, trail mix, Pearson's mini Salted Nut Bars, and MUCH more! Well worth the stop, that's for sure!

All in all this was a GREAT ride! Prior to this, the longest distance I'd ridden on my tri bike was about 20 miles. I was a little nervous as to how my fanny would fair, but it did just fine! Mostly in part to me changing the seat, but it worked! I think my hands and wrists hurt more due to the shock they absorbed on some of those crappy Racine Co. roads!! Looking forward to many more great rides on my new bike and hopefully a few more OUTSIDE before the snow starts to fly here in WI!

Cream City Century site:

all smiles at 20 miles! (first rest stop)

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  1. It was a fun day.. nice ride, nice views... Lets do it again soon.. ~jim